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type = crypt
remote = remotehubic:backup
filename_encryption = standard

Hello, I am trying to install rclone on a NAS NSA325v2 Zyxel, but when I enter this command:
sudo cp -f rclone /usr/sbin/

I get this error:
cp: cannot create regular file ‘/usr/sbin/rclone’: Read-only file system

Could anyone please help me?


That looks OK. And you don’t see anything in the backup container?

does rclone ls remotehubic:backup show the encrypted files?

Maybe it is just Hubic control panel caching stuff?

Looks like /usr/sbin is read only. What does cat /proc/mounts say? You might be able to mount it rw do the copy then mount it ro

mount -o remount,rw /usr
# do the copy
mount -o remount,ro /usr

Though /usr may not be the right thing to use depending on the contents of /proc/mounts

I’ve got what is no doubt a noob question indicative of a lack of Linux knowledge.

I’ve got rsync working sending encrypted backups to my Google Drive account. I’ve also got it set up to require a password to decrypt the configuration file.

I’d like to keep this password, but I’m finding it constrains my ability to pipe the output of the rclone command to, say, grep, since it won’t do anything since it’s waiting for me to enter the config decryption password. This seems to rule out cron jobs too.

What am I missing?

Thanks for the quick answer, from root as root, I tried to enter:

mount -o remount,rw /usr

but I got the following error, I guess the system is very protected

mount: cannot remount block device /dev/loop0 read-write, is write-protected

In order to avoid this problem, can rclone be installed on other directories?

I have these instructions, may be with others I could install successfully,

cd rclone-v1.33-linux-arm
#copy binary file
sudo cp rclone /usr/sbin/
sudo chown root:root /usr/sbin/rclone
sudo chmod 755 /usr/sbin/rclone
#install manpage
sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/share/man/man1
sudo cp rclone.1 /usr/local/share/man/man1/
sudo mandb


You can set the password as an environment variable RCLONE_CONFIG_PASS - that should help.

So do

export RCLONE_CONFIG_PASS=your_password

Note if you do that your password will go into your history file which you may not want so you might prefer


which will read the password without echoing it or storing it in your history

You can install rclone anywhere you like, you’ll just have to use it with the full path. So if you install it in /home/user you would then run it using /home/user/rclone.

You don’t need to install the manpage - that is optional

your command shows encrypted files:

~$ rclone ls remotehubic:backup
    73943 ctp0gg71paabob3cqmugfrijlk/r5urcnhs0l58i7tv3bfbhqrdl0/b75alt419ak66os68h7ck12lqg/fjm3loeof4j98tauntaiho6mgc
 37763102 hn09ah77vob7ke96rl0f4b76rfm9vtq0pdrbft911qf6kspgotv1irfg4kh70cn61bi83sjoorf5u
   533818 ctp0gg71paabob3cqmugfrijlk/aff2tu65r6dt4nk295q809h4c3a0j07hriqm0sklhd1qsho61adg
    73943 r5urcnhs0l58i7tv3bfbhqrdl0/b75alt419ak66os68h7ck12lqg/fjm3loeof4j98tauntaiho6mgc
   533818 aff2tu65r6dt4nk295q809h4c3a0j07hriqm0sklhd1qsho61adg
   533818 r5urcnhs0l58i7tv3bfbhqrdl0/aff2tu65r6dt4nk295q809h4c3a0j07hriqm0sklhd1qsho61adg
    73943 b75alt419ak66os68h7ck12lqg/fjm3loeof4j98tauntaiho6mgc
   533818 ctp0gg71paabob3cqmugfrijlk/cmkfve147egnrfm60vaksbhd2g/aff2tu65r6dt4nk295q809h4c3a0j07hriqm0sklhd1qsho61adg
    73943 ctp0gg71paabob3cqmugfrijlk/cmkfve147egnrfm60vaksbhd2g/b75alt419ak66os68h7ck12lqg/fjm3loeof4j98tauntaiho6mgc
   533818 ctp0gg71paabob3cqmugfrijlk/r5urcnhs0l58i7tv3bfbhqrdl0/aff2tu65r6dt4nk295q809h4c3a0j07hriqm0sklhd1qsho61adg
    73943 ctp0gg71paabob3cqmugfrijlk/b75alt419ak66os68h7ck12lqg/fjm3loeof4j98tauntaiho6mgc

But when I go to I do not see anything, so I am not sure where they are. I mean, they are indeed in the bucket…but where? Invisible on
This is not ok, because since they are not counted against my storage space I cannot see how much space these files take. says my files take 1.67MB, which is not correct (and actually I do see one file only, which was uploaded without Crypt…it seems that has some problems showing/counting encrypted files or -my guess- file formats that it does not recognize).

Hi. I copied my Drive folder to my computer using rclone. I’ve deleted a few files in the local copy, and now I want to sync the local copy back to Drive. However, rclone returns errors when trying to sync Google format files. Is there a filter for skipping these? or some other method I should try?

Hubic doesn’t seem to show you anything except the default bucket any more which is strange…

You can see other buckets by fiddling with the URL so if you go to: you should see the files.

I expect hubic doesn’t update that counter very often - how does it look now?

What errors do you get?

Can you give an example of a file that is causing the problem?

If the problem files have particular names you can skip them using the filters, or you could put them all in a particular directory and skip that using filters.

Using your link I can see the files and folders, but to way to see them unless I use your link (that means when I go do and browse I still cannot see them).
Counter still show 1.67MB, so it’s wrong or does not count (for whatever reason) encrypted files.
Well, I see this is an Hubic issue, not really a rclone one so maybe I should stop bothering here…

I’m sure the hubic browser used to be able to show other buckets in an easy to use way.

I have stuff in other buckets and the hubic size shown is correct, so maybe it just takes a while to measure it.

Yeah, I will check again later and report back.

Have you thought about They offer a huge 50GB for free, it would be great to use rclone for that too.

Thanks again for your support. Appreciated.

I get several of errors like this during the sync:
2016/10/08 07:00:12 Infrastructure support/Information (IT) Systems/Disaster Recovery/Planning docs/5 Disaster Recovery Plan Development.pptx: Failed to copy: can’t update a google document

This file and the others like it originated as google documents online, were copied to my computer in the initial download, and now apparently can’t be reconciled with the online versions. None of the local copies have changed in any way. It appears to me that the sync of “google_document.added_extension” to “google_document” isn’t working.

Then at the end of the sync:
2016/10/08 07:00:49 Google drive root ‘SIL Documents’: not deleting files as there were IO errors
2016/10/08 07:00:49 Attempt 3/3 failed with 16 errors and: not deleting files as there were IO errors
2016/10/08 07:00:49 Failed to sync: not deleting files as there were IO errors

I see.

rclone downloads google docs as a convenience so you can back up your docs on drive, but it won’t upload them again to drive. Issue #565 discusses this.

There are several workarounds… You could exclude “*.pptx”. I’d recommend you put your google docs in a different directory though and exclude that.

Thanks for the clarifications and suggestions. I have too many files that are shared with many different people to make either of those solutions workable. I’ll content myself for now to just sync from Drive to my computer and not the other direction.

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That’s great and it works. But is there some way to make the environment variable persistent that is not itself a security risk?

Thanks. I actually tried adding the AMAZON:subfolder to the crypt remote before, and it had no effect.

After reading your note, I went back to look at it again and found that my config changes were not being updated for some reason. So I found the rclone.conf file and manually edited it. And what do you know, it actually works.

On the down side, it means I can’t actually add any more remotes, until I figure the problem with the config file.