Questions about --include and --filter and stringArray

Hi thanks for the great tool.
I have a few questions regarding usage.
According to the doc, --include flag takes a stringArray. Intuitively, it takes regexs and the relationship between multiple expressions should be OR. A file whose name matches any of the regex in the array should be included.

If my understanding above is correct, what is the form of stringArray?
I tried
str1 str2
(Str1 str2)
[Str1, str2]

Anyone has used this and can help?

My other question is: what’s the difference between --filter and --include. They both seem to be filtering base on file name
Thanks! Any help is appreciated!

That just means you can repeat the flag, so --include a --include b

–filter can do includes and excludes depending on the prefix + or -. --filter is useful if you have includes and excludes which you need applied in a particular order.