Question regarding --transfers behavior

Hi there,

We're planning to backup some S3 buckets hosted on our on-prem Ceph S3 storage to S3 located on AWS.

Because of this, I think that data will be downloaded from Ceph-S3 to RClone and then uploaded to AWS. This implies 1 transfer for downloading and another one for uploading.

For tuning reasons, I was wondering how is --transfers accounted for...

In my case, is one transfer:

  • Downloading the file from one source and uploading it to its target?
  • The fact of downloading and uploading counting as 2 transfers?


What command are you running?

I want to know with «rclone sync», from on premisses S3 (ceph) to AWS S3.

What is the command you are running that you have a question on?

when do you write that rclone sync command, keep this in mind...
"If the source and destination are both S3 this is the recommended flag to use for maximum efficiency."

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