Question regarding to how to use rclone move --min-age

Few weeks ago, I was trying to find a way to move files in a folder once it has finished downloading/writing:

Unfortunately, the post is closed, so I can't continue discuss the same issue under the same thread.
(To answer asdffdsa, the script is inside of a docker container that I do not really want to touch.)

Anyways, I found this post probably has what I'm looking for:

The script in the post above seems to do the job I want, which is moving the files only when they are completely downloaded. I think I'm going to set a cronjob and run the script every 15 min or so.

What I don't understand is line 18. Why do we need line 18 if rclone has command --min-age ?

i get your point, that only one is required.

Sorry, could you elaborate a bit more? Or maybe it is documented?

have you tried to the script, does it do what you want?

I tried with the if statement and without the if statement. Both seems to work fine. That's why I wonder if there is something I missed.

the if statement is important.
more efficient to check local filesystem and if needed, then run rclone.

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i took another look at the script and i think that, in practice, not much of a difference between using the if or not.
as both the if statement and rclone move both check the local file system.

so if that is the main issue, then leave the script as is.

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