Question regarding adding in a cache layer on an encrypted remote

I currently have a GDrive remote -> crypt setup that contains lots of data.
I would like to add in a cache layer, and I've seen that the recommended method is to have a remote -> cache -> crypt setup.
I was wondering if I can simply add the cache layer in between on my current setup while leaving the current data intact and readable. On the face of it this seems problematic as I don't see how the cache could see anything useful considering it's all EncFS as far as it's concerned. Maybe I'm missing something. Alternatively, would a remote -> crypt -> cache setup be reasonable?

You should be able to put it in between just fine. Encfs is just a file as far as rclone and the remote are concerned. It'll just serve whatever content is behind it.

I'm confused though. You said crypt and then said it's encfs.

Sorry, I was under the impression that rclone's crypt used encfs in its implementation, may be wrong about that. I'm not using external encryption.

Ah ok. It doesn't. It uses crypt. You can just stick cache in-between. It'll cache the crypt files.

Thanks, this indeed does seem to work fine.

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