Question: Cleanup deleted directories?

Hey! When I transfer now, a bunch of times I see old folders laying around (like renamed, deleted, et.c). I’m wondering how I get rid of those :slight_smile:

Note: Most of my syncs have at least one error for some reason. This might be why they aren’t deleted. Is there any way to delete them anyway?
Note 2: I’m using Amazon S3.

rclone is getting better at not leaving empty folders lying around, however you can use rclone rmdirs which will do what you want I think.

Oh I wish. Sadly they aren’t even empty.

Never mind. I’m guessing a sync would delete things if there wasn’t any errors. #642 should be what I need.

EDIT: Grammar fixes, I still haven’t quite got the feeling for was/were apparently.

I’d forgotten about that! I’ve put that on the 1.40 milestone.

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