Question about visibile gdrive cache api

i have rclone with cache and api running at gdrive. if i log in directly via firefox on the IP that is specified in the rclone config i can see the media library.

if i connect to the same user data via a tv or an external mediaplayer on plex the media library is not visible.

the same if i log in on the plex page via then the media library isn't there either so i have to connect explicitly via this ip ip i have specified on plex.

is there a trick or how do you all do it with your external players or televisions.

my rclone config

Are you asking how to make a Plex server accessible remotely?

unfortunately not it goes from outside.

i took two pictures once it is one and the same plex server

but the login is different from the url. I go directly with the server ip on it i see "GD SERIEN" i see via and log on to your plex server the library is gone. not visible

so I wonder how others do it when they use a TV. there it is also not visible because the tv probably connected via the link function. i directly mount a rclone mount without the plex cache i see it.

It still seems like you have a Plex question and not a rclone question.

rclone just does the mount. If you can see the Library on the local Plex Server, it would be the same thing if the local server has remote access enabled.

If you are missing something via Plex, you either don't have remote access on, a library turned off for remote access or something Plex related going on as the mount itself is binary.

If you can see the mount on the local Plex server, it would work via remote access assuming it was on.

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