Question about Synching and migrating my setup

Hi everyone

i have a couple of question. I know how to add a normal gdrive remote and also an encrypted remote.

  1. can anyone tell me if what i am doing is correct. my aim is to sync my local folder to one on the drive
    initial setup is
    rclone --progress copy <source> <dest>
    then any subsequent upload would be
    rclone sync -i <source> <dest>

  2. what do i need to do to migrate my rclone setup/config to another pc?

  3. lets say after i have copied/synced my encrypted files to my gdrive i want to migrate to another pc should i copy the data tha i will sync to my destination local pc? or can i just download the data using rclone from my encrypted upload earlier then use that?


  1. looks ok.

--- install rclone on the other pc.
--- copy the config file from the first pc to the second pc.
the config file is just a text file, and can be copied to any machine, windows, linux, bsd and so on...

  1. you can migrate either way.
    tho if given a choice, i would migrate direct from pc to pc.
    --- why use a third device as a middle man, can lead to unintended consequences.
    --- given all the limitations of gdrive, might take a very long time to download.


when downloading/uploading encrypted files from/to gdrive does it preserve timestamp? like say i created file 1 on 1/1/1999 and it has a modified timestamp of 2/1/1999 if i upload using either normal/encrypted to gdrive will it preserve the timestamp? and also downloading will it also preserve timestamp?

when rclone copies a file, it perseveres the modtime, but not creation time.

for example, let's say there is a file named file.txt that has a modtime for 02/01/1999.

  1. on device A, copy file.txt from local to gdrive.
  2. copy file.txt from gdrive to local on device B.
    the mod time of all three files will be 02/01/1999

note: not all filesystems support modtimes, such as ftp.

can i ask what the name of the config is? ive encrypted my config btw so not sure if the name or extension is also encrypted. the method i encrypted it with is the native rclone config way. it has the option to encrypt a config file

the default name is rclone.conf
if you encrypt the config file, the contents are crypted, not the file name.

you can locate it using

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