question about rclone

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

I'm wanting to make a server using OpenMediaVault to save files to the drive using rclone.

But I have a doubt, I'm using the Google Sworkspace plan on Google Drive (monthly paid version) and there are rarely months when I can't make the payment by card and then I lose access to my account and the drive. If I use rclone will this be saved on my server that is running OpenMediaVault even losing access to the drive?

Your question is not really related to rclone which is just a tool you use to copy files from A to B and does not have --magic flag to save files in secret vault:)

Will your files be saved on your OpenMediaVault server with lost connection to GDrive is question about OpenMediaVault configuration. I think you more likely find answers trying OpenMediaVault community.

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if you cannot access gdrive, then rclone cannot access the files in gdrive.

you can make a copy of the files in gdrive and store it on local storage of the OMV or store the files in external USB drive.

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Thank you, I will try this, I will store it on an SSD that will be on the machine with OMV.

or could keep the original files in local. and then and backup the local files in gdrive.

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