Question about rclone copy file/folder ownership in GDrive

I have a folder like below in GDrive

/My Drive/Media 1/

This folder is a shared folder I receive and added to My Drive, thus the folder and its files are read only and owned by someone else. Many folders and files nested inside are owned by different people to which I have read access( no write access).
Overall the total size of “Media 1” is about 3 TB. Each filke size is at least 300MB.

Can I use “rclone copy” so that I will have a copy of “Media 1” folder and its sub-folders and files and have the file and folder ownership changed into mine?
For example I want to copy it into /My Drive/Media 2/

What specific command option should I use to make sure I keep the folder structures and changing the file ownership into mine, while at the same time avoiding bans from Google since the folder total size is 3TB ( many sub-folders and big files inside ) ?

IF I do this, does this mean rclone download the folders and files first to my VPS server and then upload it back to my GDrive?
If yes, is there a way to do it like in many android app where the “copy” command is run on the GDrive server so that there is no need to download first and trhen upload the copy file ?

I have been using rclone move exclusively and this tool is amazing. I want to use rclone copy but I’m not sure how it actually works, especially with Google API limit.

Sure, just use rclone copy that should do what you want.

rclone copy will do a server side copy by default so you won’t have to upload and download. However I think there is quite a small quota for this 100GB.

If you are OK with only doing 100GB per day then you can do this…

Otherwise you’ll have to use the --disable Copy flag to disable server side copies, which will upload and download.


Are we sure about the 100GB quota per day? I have been using “rclone move” and transferring at least 300GB a day no problem. Or do you mean this is limitation for rclone copy only?
I tested with an android app, I copied with server copy command few files that totaled 150GB, it would be a shame if it is specific to rclone only…
Well I better start that 100GB then.

That limit is server side copy only. It might have changed also, google don’t publish those limits anywhere!