Question about Plex Integration

I understand that when you input your plex URL/UserName/Password that rclone is supposed to somehow detect when you are streaming and increase the amount of workers.

I would like to know how rclone identifies this

Does the path name have to be exactly the same that rclone sees it? I run my plex in a docker over a unionfs so the path names do not always match. I just want to make sure my rclone isn’t using just 1 worker because the path names do not match.

AFAIK rclone searches for the (decrypted) path in all the output from a plex media item information. that means if you pointed plex to a path with a prefix it should work.

Is it even useful to enter the plex data in the cache if the cache anyway stores only the encrypted things?

plex accesses the unencrypted mount