Question about non-public API

I wanted to ask you if rclone implements only services that have public APIs or if you can add support to services with non-public APIs (such as Dubox)

to add dubox as a first-class provider, need to have a public api.

does dubox support any other protocols, that rclone does support?
such as ftp, sftp, webdav

A public API is definitely preferred as reverse engineering APIs is hard work.

We have two backends with reverse engineered APIs - mega and mailru. The mega backend is a lot of work and we are behind with it, so I'm definitely not keen on reverse engineered APIs.

Ok, but what if I help you with this work? I’m a developer too, and I can provide you with the endpoints you need. If someone wants to cooperate I am available, you just have to give me directions on where to start


rclone/ at master · rclone/rclone (

A reverse engineered backend is a lot of work. Its also a lot of work to maintain as providers can change their APIs whenever they like since they are undocumented.

I haven't got time to do it myself, so it would need someone else to commit to doing the initial work and maintaining it in rclone indefinitely.

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