Question about --drive-stop-on-upload-limit

Version: 1.52.1
From what I've just read at (New flag for google drive --drive-stop-on-upload-limit to stop at 750 GB limit), it looks like this flag would cancel my uploads, how would I resume these uploads automatically after 24h?

Run the same command again after the quota resets.

Alright, I guess the thing I'm concerned about is lets say I'm doing a huge move operation (or just sonarr / radarr) if it stops, the real concern is how would i pickup exactly where i left off?
e.g: sonarr is told to import 1 show to the drive, it fills the quota halfway through the show, how do I continue the operation? (ok maybe thats a bad example, lets say im doing a file transfer instead of 1tb, how would i continue the transfer of remaining 250gb immediatly after restarting rclone)

I use moves so anything already moved wouldn't be there any more to move.

If you are using copy, anything copied and finished would be skipped normally.

If you hit that error, it would be on a few file and anything in flight usually finishes. If for some reason it was a partial move, it would just re-upload the whole thing later as there is no partial uploads on Google Drive. It's either uploaded not.

Alright so if I'm using mount with sonarr moving completed torrents to the drive, it would just pause the moving, right?
Also does this flag prevent me from downloading / reading if upload limit is reached?

If you have a mount, writes tend to fail with IO errors if they can't write.

This is for uploads only and not downloads.

Alright great, so with this flag, it doesnt kill rclone or anything like that, just makes uploads fail?

On a copy it stops the copy process. I'd surmise on a mount it may stop the mount but I'm not sure.

Using a mount would be uneventful anyway. The goal of the flag is to stop rclone when copying so you don't repeat errors.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Well I want to use a mount for my media server, the flag caught my interest as a way to deal with upload rate limiting (for when sonarr radarr etc. download) so im trying to see if its the right thing to use

I don't think it matters on a mount as the mount's goal is to continue to run.

If you are uploading to the mount and hit quota, it's going to IO error out and create issues anyway I'd surmise.

alright, i'll leave it out then, thanks

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