Question about Chomikuj service and its support

I would like to ask whether it would be possible to implement support for Chomikuj service.
A few words about the service itself. It has been created in 2006 to allow people to share their files with other users. It allows to store files in cloud storage for free without any limit on both space and file size (at least there is no any file size limit known for me and I successfully uploaded files at about 4 GB size). The service allows to download own files for free but it charges money for buying "points" which are being "spent" for downloading other users' public files (I suppose this is a main source of service's income). One can choose between sharing the files with others, keeping them in password secured directories or keeping them in private directory.
I should mention that for the reason it allows users to share files with others there was/is some piracy there but at the same time it is a great backup service due to lack of limits on mentioned properties.
The website is available in Polish language only.
There is also no public API, unfortunately. There are some third party applications which developers have reverse engineered used API calls based on website or ChomikBox desktop PC client application

Service URL:

I mentioned about this service here as there is close to none information about it on non-Polish forums, etc., whereas it offers quite a lot of storage for free.

BTW, I am glad there is an application like rclone which allows people (and me) to create backups using different cloud storage services in an unified way. It saves much time and resources. Thank you a lot.

There's no API I can see so no way to support it.