Quasi read-only mode

I'm wondering if there's a value in having an rclone mounted a quasi read-only mode.

what I mean, is that it would refuse to open files for writing, as we know, trying to write to many backends in a random manner, just doesn't work well, but it would allow directory entry modifications (rename/mv and delete)

idea is that one can avoid misbehaved applications causing themselves problems by trying to write to the fs, but one could still manage the contents (move them around, rename them, delete them) from within the normal comfortable confines of a file system interface, while getting data onto the remote would be the job of using the rclone command line.


you mean that for rclone mount, you want to prevent an application from opening a file for edit but still copy files?

no, you wont be able to copy files onto the mount, you can just move/rename/mkdir/rmdir/delete.

the only way to get files on will be "rclone move/sync/copy ..."

maybe this can help

perhaps, still think it make more sense at the fuse layer, disable file creation and files can't be created. disable file open for write, files can't be written

rclone can pass flags to fuse, have you tried that?

--fuse-flag stringArray Flags or arguments to be passed direct to libfuse/WinFsp. Repeat if required.

Interesting idea. That might really upset applications using the mount though.

It would be fairly straight forward to implement.

I'm not sure why it would. At the most simplistic level, it be preventing creates and assigning directories rwx bits, but files only r bit. I guess apps can break, but they'd be pretty buggy.

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