Qbittorrent - weird name symbol - rclone skips it

Sometimes qbittorrent creates weird file names and rclone skips those files, because the name is just some random stargate symbols

The file works fine - I can watch it with VLC. Is there any way to rclone not to let ignore those files?

What filesystem and OS is that screenshot from?

Also - why are the files named like this? Is this the name it is supposed to be - or is Qbittorrent producing an error? Because if so then the best fix it probably to correct the problem at the root - ie. in Qbittorrent.

Also - show me the rclone command you used to attempt to transfer the files with. I primarily want to see where you are pulling the data from (ie. from a mount, a local drive, a network drive or whatever it might be).

if you do do this in CMD/terminal...
rclone ls C:\path\to\files
Are the files visible here?

Did you get an errors from rclone when yo tried t transfer the files?

Thanks for your input. I have updated to the latest version and apparently it uploads the weird chars now. I was on 1.3something.

Oh yea, that sure can explain it. 1.3 is very old by now and a lot can have changed since then - even on the cloud-system's side of things.

PS: Be aware that if you use Linux, it is a known problem that many repositories have really old versions rclone. I suggest always downloading directly from the site - either as an install package, or even easier - just use the 1-line install script that does everything for you in a few seconds (link on download page) :slight_smile:


Wait - I have not misunderstood you right? Did you get errors on the new or the old version?
Latest stable is 1.51.0 - and I highly recommend you use this as development and improvement in rclone happens at a pretty fast pace.

The error was on v1.3

I updated manually to newest one v1.5 and that fixed the error - Indeed, I was on a Linux system :slight_smile:

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