PUT.io support for rclone

I would like to see support for putio in rclone that way I can set a schedule to move all files from putio to gdrive.

I found some other programs written in golang that work with putio. Maybe it could help you implement it?

Also here is the API documentation for PUTio


I hope that you or someone could make this preferably with the ability to remote transfer without first downloading to local pc then uploading. Also with delete support when moving the files from putio.

PUT.io Also supports FTP (TLS/SSL) and WebDAV but those are readonly so no delete ability there.

Can you please make a new issue on github with that info in please?

Unfortunately this isn’t possible :frowning:

New issue created.

While having the ability to directly transfer files from putio to another cloud would be ideal, putio has a feature to automatically remove the oldest files when low on space. So that can be worked with.

Hello @Rick7C2,

Still does not have the ability you wanted but we have added putio support for rclone. I have posted an announcement about beta testing if you are interested: Put.io: Looking for beta testers