Pushing mount data to remote at a specific time?

Apologies for not using the help template, but this is just a general question.

I'm interested to use a mount with --vfs-cache-mode=full but would like anything written to the mount to be pushed to the remote once a day rather than randomly using --vfs-write-back. One idea was to set --vfs-write-back sufficiently large enough and then use rclone copy to push the new mount data to the remote, but I don't know if this will cause any unforeseen issues.

Is there a preferred method of pushing the mount data to the remote at a given time, or is this not currently possible? Thanks for any help with this!

not that i know of but might kludge it.

at a set time each day, ask rclone to upload at full speed
rclone rc core/bwlimit rate=off

at a set later time or by tailing the rclone debug log, ask rclone to slowdown.
rclone rc core/bwlimit rate=1k

Thanks for the suggestion, but it doesn't fit my needs. The remote is a collection of HDDs that I'm trying to spin up once a day.

Maybe I'll test out my original idea of using rclone copy to push the data and see what the effects are, unless someone responds with more info.

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