Purge cache without editing systemd service

Can I just delete everything in the cache directory without editing my systemd service to include --db-cache-purge and restarting the service?
Will I get any errors if the mount is running while i do that?
Should i delete the contents of my cache directory then restart the service/mount?

If you want to delete the cache then you should stop the mount otherwise things will go wrong!

I suggest you systemctl stop the service, run rclone about remote: -db-cache-purge which should be enough to clear the cache then systemctl start it again.

rclone about drive: --db-cache-purge
rclone about drive: -db-cache-purge
Error: unknown flag: --db-cache-purge
Error: unknown flag: -db-cache-purge

He had a typo. The command is:

[felix@gemini rclone]$ rclone about cachetest: --cache-db-purge
Used:    73.966T
Trashed: 6.554G
Other:   139.377M

ok that worked thanks
i should have saw the typo

is this normal?
what exactly is going on here?

Seems you included part of a debug log that looks to be working with no errors in it and looks like a normal log to me.

Are you seeing something in there that concerns you?

Looks normal to me. statfs just means the mounted filesystem is being polled for information.
I'm not exactly sure what triggers this, but it's probably the OS requesting the info. It may be related to the --attr-timeout setting (as that is by default 1s and that seems to be how often it gets polled by the log).

In any case - it's not an error and it doesn't look abnormal.
If you run debug output then you get a whole lot of information about everything happening in the background, and various "spam" like this is pretty normal to see. If it's not an error it's usually not something you have to worry about.

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