Purge all folders from trash

Correct me if wrong, but i believe rclone cleanup doesn't work with shared drives right?

So is there a way to delete all folders from the trash? And not just the files with rclone delete? rmdirs doesn't work and purge doesn't either

rclone delete remote: -v --drive-trashed-only=true --drive-use-trash=false --tpslimit=4 --tpslimit-burst=32 --transfers=16
rclone rmdirs remote: -v --drive-trashed-only=true --drive-use-trash=false --tpslimit=4 --tpslimit-burst=32 --transfers=16
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I tried the rmdirs on a shared drive with only 1 folder in the trash, but it didn't work. I'm in the process of deleting a huge amount of stuf from the trash then i'll try it again.


rmdirs will only remove empty directories. Was the directory empty?

Yes. There was just that folder and nothing else on the trash folder in the web interface. I ran a rclone delete command similar to yours before attempting it.

Deleting stuff right now:

I restarted it with listr disabled just to be sure, then i'll check later... why do you use transfers 16?

It can help when you have many files/directories to be deleted since it increases the number of parallel deletions. You can increase or decrease it per your requirements.

Ok so the rmdirs on the my drive trash is not doing anything again:

It's saying the error pretty clearly: The folder is not empty. Do you see the folder as empty from Web UI or via rclone lsf with the same arguments?

There was more than 500 folders I manually deleted, and as you can see, the rclone delete ran first and didn't delete anything.

I think the rclone rmdirs is not working on the trash...this was the 2nd try

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