Public links to encrypted resources

I try to explain what I would like to configure.

At the moment, I have a seedbox and an encrypted drive with rclone mounted on it.

I would like to generate http public links to all the encrypted files (better if protected by user/password) and access the DECRYPTED files in this way.
The important thing is that the obtained file must be already decrypted, so i can use it on client side without issues.

Is there a way to achieve this through rclone or other third-party software?
What you could suggest me?

Thanks in advance.

First the file needs to decrypted then store it separately. I don't think it's possible with Rclone yet. But you can some other scripting language to achieve this if you know how to code.

You can just serve an http, webdav, ftp or similar 'serve' and access those files stored decrypted. Is that what you're asking?

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