[PSA / questionaire] - Several cloud services may be experiencing high load currently

I have read some reports about several Cloud-services experiencing unusual high load right now (including Google) - almost certainly due to Corona and several countries being in quarantine or generally being advised to stay at home.

I am also seeing some indications here and there of high load, occasional random timeouts on requests, temporarily poor throughput ect.

I encourage anyone who is experiencing issues that might be related to this here so we can map how severe this may affect our userbase. Especially so if you have had a good working setup that has not recently changed but you are suddenly experiencing issues, errors or poor performance that is not normal.

Some strange stuff started happening with Google Mail's web api used by gyb for backup, it almost appeared they were trying to throttle or simplify demand on their servers and my first speculation was that issues I had with rclone dedupe had a similar root. Provisioning must be a nightmare for them now.

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Oh yikes... I have never seen anything like this before on Gdrive:

Transferred: 5.640G / 318.966 GBytes, 2%, 7.219 MBytes/s, ETA 12h20m43s
Checks: 3155 / 3155, 100%
Transferred: 0 / 8, 0%
Elapsed time: 13m19.9s

Normally Gdrive saturates my 33'ish MB/sec connection, and I know it usually handle gigabit connections without issue, probably more.

You might want to be informed about this in case this persist and we end up getting inundated with problem-posts.

My lord.... it is dropping as we speak - under 3MB/sec right now.
I think the internet just caught Covid-19 too :confused:

EDIT: Back up to about 20MB/sec again now. It seems to having some real roller-coaster moments. I eliminated my nearby network as a possible cause. The scandinavian backbone at seems to not be having any serious issues so far. I will keep my eyes pealed for more news and any official statements.

I am only getting 200kb/s rn compared to my normal 100-200mb. This is on a google vm server so not a peering issue.

My speeds weren't the best last night but overall still decent.

Transferred:   	  585.188G / 585.188 GBytes, 100%, 39.312 MBytes/s, ETA 0s
Transferred:   	    7.603G / 7.603 GBytes, 100%, 41.883 MBytes/s, ETA 0s

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