Proxy for Amazon Cloud Drive


I just uploaded a 250mb file without issues to Amazon Germany.

In which country are you using Amazon Drive?

€dit: I used rclone 1.38 in combination with Rclone Browser on Win10


rclone v1.38-030-g94171947β

  • os/arch: darwin/amd64
  • go version: go1.9

Like I said…it did work for about 250GB…but then it pretty much stopped.


Thanks for your job. I was using oDrive but it’s very slowly.

Works fine with the 1.38 stable version of rclone.


It did awaken for about 2TB, but then it stopped again. Not a big deal as ACD unlimited is going the way of the dodo…but just curious is all.



I don’t know what happened to ACD in the last couple of days but I was trying to upload some things today and the upload speeds became pretty bad. It averaged at 550 kbytes/s, what is even worse than my upload speed at home.

My setup: Scaleway VC1S VPS
File size: 100mb and 140mb
Rclone 1.38 & latest Beta

€dit: The latest Beta seems to almost double the upload speed to ACD.

@ncw, afaik you also use ACD with rclone, do have any idea what the reason could be for this issue? Are you experiencing this yourself?


I haven’t seen the issue, but I do find ACD to be the most variable in performance of the cloud providers.


For what it is good:

To me, it seems to be specifically an upload (speed) issue to ACD.
Downloading does work at good speeds.

Downloading round about 200mb to the server is a matter of seconds, while uploading almost takes 4 minutes.


Hi all, not sure if this is only happened to my account only or if everyone else is having this experience as it was working perfectly previously. Since last night I kept having Rate limited issues, I did rclone copy using the parameters “–transfers=1 --checkers=1 --tpslimit=1 --acd-templink-threshold=0 --fast-list” and I got the following:

2017/10/27 07:58:11 DEBUG : pacer: Rate limited, sleeping for 177.671812ms (1 consecutive low level retries)
2017/10/27 07:58:11 DEBUG : pacer: low level retry 1/10 (error )
2017/10/27 07:58:12 DEBUG : pacer: Rate limited, sleeping for 264.058441ms (2 consecutive low level retries)
2017/10/27 07:58:12 DEBUG : pacer: low level retry 2/10 (error )
2017/10/27 07:58:13 DEBUG : pacer: Rate limited, sleeping for 225.101885ms (3 consecutive low level retries)
2017/10/27 07:58:13 DEBUG : pacer: low level retry 3/10 (error )
2017/10/27 07:58:14 DEBUG : pacer: Rate limited, sleeping for 4.901498295s (4 consecutive low level retries)
2017/10/27 07:58:14 DEBUG : pacer: low level retry 4/10 (error )
2017/10/27 07:58:15 DEBUG : pacer: Rate limited, sleeping for 4.451715081s (5 consecutive low level retries)
2017/10/27 07:58:15 DEBUG : pacer: low level retry 5/10 (error )

By the way I’m using Version “v1.37-DEV” as I’m moving from ACD to Opendrive but wasn’t having issues for the past 2-3 weeks. Thanks.


I tried it again and today it had decent speeds with exactly the same setup I posted a few posts above.
Really weird!


Hi guyes.
I try the proxy today but failed.
I used rclone 1.38 and existing config. I run the procedure on top a few times but get back an error:

Use auto config?

  • Say Y if not sure
  • Say N if you are working on a remote or headless machine
    y) Yes
    n) No
    y/n> y
    If your browser doesn’t open automatically go to the following link:
    Log in and authorize rclone for access
    Waiting for code…
    Got code
    2017/11/11 15:01:52 Failed to configure token: failed to get token: oauth2: cannot fetch token: 401 Unauthorized
    Response: {“error_description”:“Client authentication failed”,“error”:“invalid_c

any clues what i´ve done wrong?


I had an issue using rclone v1.38-095-g413faa99β.
After having followed your procedure and having put my Amazon’s userid and password, I’ve been redirected to a browser page with the message “Authorization failed”.
It’s strange, as I used the working credentials I already use for Amazon. Can it depend by two-factor authentication I’ve enabled?


It seems to be having some issues today. I was doing a transfer and just got spammed with

"error" : "disabled_client",

"error_description" : "The OAuth client was disabled."


Hi, I have a doubt. What “privacy notice URL” do I set in login with amazon?. I set amazon cloud drive url, but didn’t work. I always see “fetch error” when I try config rclone with proxy oauth.


i had to reinstall windows 10 so i lost all rclone/rclone browser configuration even if those are stored and used from a different partition (not on the OS partition)
so i started the procedure from this thread (as i did it before for a couple of times and it worked) but today it did not work.

i get to the part where the browser opens for me to insert my amazon credentials - i do that - and i get to a page (on AMAZON.COM) that tells me i have to enable cookies.

so i cannot get a code and the config halts at “waiting code”.

so i cannot configure rclone browser.

can anyone confirm?
can anyone help?

on the page that requires me to enable cookies there’s a go to previous page button.
i click on that.
i get redirected to a proper page
i log in… it sends me a code to verify my identity…
i manage to log into and the config procedure finishes with succes…


I’m trying to configure my German ACD account as a new remote following the steps in the OP. But at the stage where I have to log into amazon (via the proxy), it looks like it is asking me to log into rather than (and hence it doesn’t work. How can I log into


Amazon decide where to send you for authorization - it should work even if they send you to .com. I’m based in and it works for me.


I’m going to close this topic now as it has got very long - please open a new topic if you need to discuss further - thanks!

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