Progress on `size` command

We have a ton of files, and commands such as size can take a long time with no idea of how long, and that can be frustrating. Is there a way, and if not please add it, for the --progress flag to also work on directory listings.

This could also work on the ls commands that output to json.

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rclone has to iterate over an unknown file system.
how would rclone know the difference between 1% complete versus 99% complete.

Many filesystems send the number of pages or number of objects in the header.

EDIT: and if that is not possible, at least list the number of files processed and time taken, so we know it's doing something.

for example?

as for cloud providers, there is not a file system and no way to get such information.
in fact, many provides limit the number of files listed per api call to 1000 and many such api calls are required and with many providers, each api costs money.

edit to your edit:

that is possible.

rclone size is a super expensive call as it has to walk through a remote and go directory by directory.

What's your use case and what are you trying to do as that's probably a better question as size tends to be avoided since it's very API heavy.

this might better explain what is happening