--progress flag: set update frequency/interval?

When I'm running a long job of any kind, I typically run it inside both tmux, and also: /usr/bin/script

script logs all console output to a text file, so you can look at it later.

When I do this in combination with using the --progress flag, it results in massive log files (often 100s of MB) due to the fact that the progress text updates more than once a second. And these huge logs usually make it into my backup systems before I get a chance to delete/move them.

Is there any way to change the update frequency/interval of the --progress output?

e.g. For these long running jobs, I'd be happy for it to only update the status every 60 seconds or so. This would let me see the progress (which I still want to see), but without creating the huge script files. Also less importantly, probably use a bit less resources on the system in general (probably negligible, but doesn't hurt for low power systems).

You can control the period of the --progress logs with the --stats command.

However for logs you probably don't want --progress. If you just -v you will get stats logs with the same info as --progress every 60 seconds in a more log file friendly format.

So, remove --progress and add -v and you should be good!

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