Progress Bar on copy operations


I was wondering if it could be possible to add a progress bar for status on copy operations, I think it doesnt hurt to be added that.

Thanks in advance.



if you search the forum, that has been request many times.
have you read about

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Hi my man Jojo, ¿ how are you ?

I didnt read that before, I thought i was the first with the idea, i mean the percentages status does work but a progress bar would make it so much easier if you ask me my man .

I understand that perhaps it hasnt been a primary concern for the momento however it would be a nice addition some day.

Thanks jojo for the help :slight_smile:

good, thanks for asking!

yeah, a progress bar would be a nice edition.

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Thanks to you Jojo for your kind support and yes it would be bad ass to have that on rclone, I mean i know its not a " average joe utility program" its more a "niche more tech savvy focused tool" however its always nice to have such feature , doesnt hurt the nature of the program itself.

Lets just hope one day that could be implemented.

Thanks jojo again and great day ahead :slight_smile: