Programs not able to see mounted drive

First, I just started using Rclone a couple days ago, and am very unskilled with it, as well as with commandline applications in general.
I use BlueIris and Veem Backup to name a couple that are not able to see P: (The mounted Rclone Drive)
When inside the apps, P:\ does not show available. It does work with Plex, and it seems that it works with everything that does not run as administrator.
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Version 1.51.0

Windows 10 64bit

Google Drive

cd C:\Rclone
rclone mount OldBlue: P: --vfs-cache-mode writes -vv --cache-dir Q:\RcloneCache --vfs-read-chunk-size 16M --vfs-read-chunk-size-limit 4G --dir-cache-time 72h --allow-other 

The rclone config contents with secrets removed.

rclone mount OldBlue: P:
   --cache-dir Q:\RcloneCache
   --dir-cache-time 48h
   --vfs-cache-mode writes
   --vfs-read-chunk-size 16M
   --vfs-read-chunk-size-limit 2G
   --buffer-size 512M

hello and welcome to the forum,

Thank you for the reply!

I have removed allow-other from the mount command.

I am using Rclone remote with my Plex server, so in some of the previous posts in the forum here it was recommended to use the vfs and cache flags.

I am currently running and mounting Rclone via command promt without running as administrator, is that what you mean by running as a user? Is there a better way? I feel like there's a better way.

I checked the link and followed the 2 steps under "Method 1" and tried running Veam again and Blue Iris and didn't seem to make a difference. Is it wise to map the drive in windows in addition to mounting via Rclone?

you would need to reboot.
that is not a real solution; just a way to understand what is going on behind the scenes.

you need to run rclone as system user.

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