Process For Restoring Backup?

I’ve got RClone setup and running nightly to sync my /video folder to GDrive. I’ve got two remotes, one that is encrypted and where everything is actually stored. It’s been running flawlessly!

Unfortunately, my local server is starting to have some issues, so I’d like to go ahead and rebuild it, including the multi-terabyte RAID array. This means wiping and starting over. Once that’s done, what would be the easiest way to get all my files back on the local machine?

As I see it, the process would be:

  1. Backup rclone config file located at ~/.config/rclone/rclone.config
  2. Rebuild machine
  3. Install rclone and restore config
  4. run the following command: rclone sync Remote-Encrypted: /video
  5. After all files downloaded, setup nightly sync job again.

If I do that, will it keep my directory structure intact? Or should I just use rclone copy for this one-time download?

  folder 1/
     file 1.ext
     file 2.ext
  folder 2/
     file 1.ext
     file 2.ext


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I think what you have written will work just fine.

You might want to run rclone cryptcheck as a double check before you wipe your raid array.

Yes. Except for any empty directories which rclone doesn’t sync.

Since there aren’t any files in the destination, sync and copy will do the same thing. I’d probably use copy.