Problems with --progress transferred bytes and speed

It is actually follow up on already closed topic:

It is also causing stats to go south in case of chunker (I use sha1all all so all is "chunked") . Amount of transferred data is always double. I upload 1GB - rclone will reports 2GB as it counts server side moves of temp files.

I suspect we will see the same behaviour with new inplace feature on remotes like sftp...

so ncw suggestion:

is indeed something needed but I would suggest to reverse it and do not count server-side by default providing flag --stats-include-server-side

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There is also server side copy vs move...

I guess the other alternative is to make more stats, so server side stats. These needn't appear unless they are non-zero and we probably only need a count and total bytes so the user can see what is happening.

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FWIW: I've noticed recently that this also causes a problem with the way it interacts with with the --max-transfer flag when used together with chunker. Because everything is essentially counted twice, if --max-transfer is set to 500GB, for example, only 250GB will actually be uploaded before transfers are stopped. The workaround, obviously, is setting your limit to double what you actually want, but ideally, this bug will hopefully get fixed at some point.

Hmm that's interesting.

Can you make an issue about that please with a link to this forum thread?

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I have posted a beta to try on the issue if anyone wants to have a go.

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