Problems copying GDRIVE to GDRIVE

I have to move files from my encfs encrypted Gdrive to a crypt Gdrive. My setup is two api keys one for encfs one for crypt but both on the same account. I am copying using :

rclone copy /root/clone/unencrypted/film GCrypt:film --no-traverse --no-update-modtime --transfers=4 --checkers=4 --min-age 180m --timeout 5m --drive-chunk-size 128M -vv --stats 30s --log-file=/root/clone/copy.log

It starts copying at 8MByes/s but after a few hours (sometimes 2 others 3) it just stops with no explanation present in the logs. Im running rclone v1.38-001-g1c10497bβ os/arch: linux/amd64 go version: go1.9

Any Ideas on what I am doing wrong?

I suggest you try a newer rclone - try the latest beta and see what happens.

Installed latest beta, Initialised copy with same parameters as above, one hour later it stopped with no errors.

Can you post a log with -vv please?