Problem with uploading with google drive using AWS

Anything can we do about aws to google drive error while uploading?
it already 2 week i cant sync anything more than 2gb file.
AWS support said nothing change from their side. I can upload to any other cloud but not google drive.
Anyone what happen please comment below

Maybe rclone dev can bring this issue to google please


Its some sort of new google rate limiting. We've seen reports of it on the forum a couple of weeks ago I think.

If you want to try work-arounds then try using --tpslimit or --bwlimit to slow rclone down - that might help. Reducing --transfers might help.

Alas we don't have any special access to Google. I used to know someone who worked in a relevant area there but he left :frowning:

i dont think it work anymore,even u cant upload using browser with aws ip. i kind lost where i can bring this issue up to google.people might have news or other solution but other thread so quick to close.

Google Support would sadly be your best bet but I doubt they'll offer much either.

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