Problem with --log-level

I am using rclone 1.51.0 on Windows 7. I want to log only the error messages in the log and i am running this command: rclone sync e: remote: --filter-from=filter-file.txt -vv --log-file=remotelog.txt --log-level=ERROR, but i get this in the log file: Can't set -v and --log-level.

remove -vv from the command

Thanks, that fixed it.

Can i make the new log replace the old log instead of append to it?

yes, best way is to add the date+time to the filename of the log.

How to do that? Will this not create a new log file on every run?

it will create a new log every run, is that what you want?

No, i was wondering if it's possible to use one log file, but the new data to replace the old data in the file.

Just delete the log file before you run rclone (or move it to a .bak)

Will try that. Thanks.

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