Problem with deep paths (DROPBOX)

is there a limit of chars characters for folders,files or deep path directory?

when i want to upload a folder with a long filename the problems occur that it shows more than 100%.

or could it be the filename of the encryption? i noticed that i only have it with long filenames/folder names

error output

i use rclone last version x64 with a current debian also last version.

standard encryption allows for around ~143 characters.

Yours is:

echo "One.Piece.TV.Special.06.Episode.of.Sabo.Das.Band.der.3.Brueder.die.wundersame.Wiedervereinigung.und.die.vererbte.Entschlossenheit.2015.German.DL.1080p.BluRay.x264-STARS" | wc
      1       1     169

I'm not 100% sure what that error means...

Files can only be 255 characters in length on dropbox, so before encryption they will need to be <143 characters in order to fit as @calisro says.

I couldn't get the long file/folder up on the drop box. i get only errors.

he tries to upload it over and over again and the percentage display goes way over 100% per file.

all other files/folders go without problems, i use the encryption via rclone.

Transferred: 2.401T / 3.484 TBytes, 69%, 88.915 MBytes/s, ETA 3h32m53s
Errors: 171 (retrying may help)
Checks: 18291 / 18299, 100%
Transferred: 9117 / 19131, 48%
Elapsed time: 7h51m55.7s

  • X264-1080P-DE/O/One.Pi…ical.06.sabo.1080p.r00:400% /95.367M, 1.196M/s, -
  • X264-1080P-DE/O/One.Pi…ical.06.sabo.1080p.r01:400% /95.367M, 1.483M/s, -
  • X264-1080P-DE/O/One.Pi…ical.06.sabo.1080p.r02:400% /95.367M, 1.389M/s, -
  • X264-1080P-DE/O/One.Pi…ical.06.sabo.1080p.r03:400% /95.367M, 2.310M/s, -
  • X264-1080P-DE/O/One.Pi…ical.06.sabo.1080p.r04:400% /95.367M, 2.661M/s, -
  • X264-1080P-DE/O/One.Pi…ical.06.sabo.1080p.r05:383% /95.367M, 1.215M/s, -
  • X264-1080P-DE/O/One.Pi…ical.06.sabo.1080p.r06:300% /95.367M, 300/s, -
  • X264-1080P-DE/O/One.Pi…ical.06.sabo.1080p.r07:300% /95.367M, 1.868M/s, -
  • X264-1080P-DE/O/One.Pi…ical.06.sabo.1080p.r00:400% /95.367M, 1.196M/s, -
  • X264-1080P-DE/O/One.Pi…ical.06.sabo.1080p.r01:400% /95.367M, 1.483M/s, -

I'm running it with "-vvv" right now, then I'll let you know

If you're using crypt, you're never going to get them up there above ~143 characters. If you're not using crypt you should be able to get up to 255. Its like trying to put a gallon of water in a 16oz cup.

is it possible to exclude folders that are longer than ~143 characters?

You've have to exclude them by name. You can generate an exclude list and then pass that into rclone prior to running using something like --exclude-from

find /path -regextype posix-extended -regex '.*/.{143,}' | sed 's/^.///' > /tmp/ex

rclone copy /path remote: --exclude-from /tmp/ex

thanks for the quick solution!

You can do this in rclone very inelegantly with

--exclude "???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????*"

Yes that is 143 ? marks!

Funny I was just looking at that. :slight_smile: I was attempting though to use regex which I don't think I can do.

something like ?{143,}* :weary:

EDIT: @ncw the rclone only solution will only match files though, no? I dont think directories over 143 are allowed. Am I incorrect in that it will match both?

root@cloudc:/tmp# rclone lsf -R   robgd:testcase2 --exclude "?????*"

Yes that solution is for files only, you'd need to exclude the directories separately most likely :frowning:

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