Problem starting rclone as docker


I am trying to setup rclone as a docker container on an arm32v7 box.
But the container keeps crashing right after the start.

So I was wondering if this command pulls the image for the right architecture:
docker pull rclone/rclone

I am quite new to the docker business and the same issue occurred to me as I was trying to start an emby server as docker but the pull command I used there pulled the image for amd64 instead of arm32v7.

yes, that is documented here

if you cannot pull the emby docker, perhaps docker is not installed on your system?

please understand that we cannot see into your console.
need to copy/paste the output into a post, so we can see it.

docker pull rclone/rclone:latest
latest: Pulling from rclone/rclone
a0d0a0d46f8b: Pull complete
e39ad8fac0a8: Pull complete
cd9f658984f9: Pull complete
2ca5ee331c25: Pull complete
cf32d2856114: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:1e6eeabddc013302793aad1986af0b8929bb42bb7c616b10a9b66b2ce04e165f
Status: Downloaded newer image for rclone/rclone:latest
docker run --rm rclone/rclone:latest version

gives me:

rclone v1.57.0
- os/version: alpine 3.14.2 (64 bit)
- os/kernel: 3.14.29 (aarch64)
- os/type: linux
- os/arch: arm
- go/version: go1.17.2
- go/linking: static
- go/tags: none

So is that the right image for my arm32v7 box?

This may be a misunderstanding, I was finally able to pull the emby docker by docker pull emby/embyserver instead of docker pull emby/embyserver_arm32v7. That's why I thought this might also be the issue here.

looks ok to me, not seeing a problem.

So I read these two theads here and got new questions:

Is it possible to mount a remote and use it for the host system as well as expose it to other dockers with rclone/rclone or do I have to use rclone/docker-volume-rclone for that?

Furthermore I was wondering if it is the right way for the docker to behave to just stopping itself after creating it? Would that be different if I actually mount a remote? Because now I only tested if the remotes are listed by

docker run --rm \
    -v /data/dockers/rclone:/config/rclone \
    -v /media/gsuite:/data:shared \
    --user $(id -u):$(id -g) \
    rclone/rclone \

Is it different to other containers which have to be started by docker run -d?

Thought my planned task for the docker would be quite usual.
Had no problems running rclone and mounting a remote directly on the host.

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