Problem scanning GDrive with Kodi

I’m using GDrive now instead of ACD and I see that when I put a new episode in a season existing folder, it never found it as “new” and never show in the library.

If I make a new folder with a new season no problem, but adding episodes is not possible :sa:
anyone know how can be fixed?

PS: If I mount ACD it works fine

Confused. Kodi doesn’t automatically scan. Are you using some addon to do it? You may need to put more info here.

I tried in two ways, scanning manually and using the addon auto scan wich is auto scanning every 12h. Both of them ways ignores new files in an existing folder.

I see that the mod file of the folder doesnt modify when I upload a new file inside it, maybe can be the problem?

No, kodi doesn’t use timestamps. Check the log in kodi in userdata/temp/kodi.log

I just check the log and it doesn’t show any unusual.

This problem is only if I mount with GDrive, if I mount with ACD it found all the files without problem.

The most strange is, if I add a new tvshow or a new season (new folders) it recognizes fine and add to the library.

I use kodi and I use both ACD mounts and gdrive. Never had an issue. This sounds more like something in the client side and not rclone. Permission problem maybe?

I use the same command line to mount acd and Gdrive, only changing the source drive… Can be the problem?

sudo rclone mount
–buffer-size 64M
–acd-templink-threshold 0
–stats 0 gKodi: /root/ACD/ &

I have the same problem… any solution?

I’d start a new thread and share your config and what the issue is. This thread is a year old and the config items aren’t relevant anymore.