Problem login to Dropbox?

Hi Everyone. I am a bit new to rclone.
I have been using it to upload files from my instruments to dropbox for the last few month with out problems. I usually run a line like this:

rclone copy SR_DS_2023-12-28_19-03-45_UTC.h5.jld2 Dropbox_Text:/FIMOPTIC/Processed -P

And it works great. The server that I created with rclone config works great.

Today I tried to run my usual script and I get this:

rclone copy SRSR_Section.png Dropbox_Text:/FIMOPTIC/Processed -P
2024/01/05 20:38:05 Failed to create file system for "Dropbox_Text:/FIMOPTIC/Processed": get current account failed: Post "": couldn't fetch token: Post "": write tcp [2001:861:5c81:3b30:9ccc:f405:22a5:1102]:51290->[2620:100:6026:19::a27d:4613]:443: write: socket is not connected

I have tried updating rclone, creating a new remote, but it has failed.

Any recommendation?
thanks in advance

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