Problem cold storage 1fichier


I use 1fichier to store several videos, however I have a problem

with the 1fichier premium account we have unlimited hot storage but cold storage limited to 2TB then then it's 2€/month per TB, I inquired and noticed that when a file passes the age of 60 days without being downloaded it goes to cold storage, is there a method with rclone to always have the files in hot storage please?


Not directly. rclone 1fichier remote does not support storage classes.

You should find out with 1fichier what are conditions to keep file in hot storage. Is it 60 days from time you upload it? - then nothing you can do.

But if it is 60 days from last time you accessed then all depends on definition of access - maybe reading metadata is enough? Then you could have script reading all metadata every week for example.

yes do you have a script to provide me reading the metadata every week please?

Sorry I do not and I am not sure if it will work. You have to do your homework - investigate and if needed implement. This has nothing to do with rclone:)

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