Priority in running commands: SAs vs tokens?

Curiosity question, so low priority:

If a remote in rclone.conf includes both a service account and a secret/id/token, does one take precedence over the other? [EDIT: For google drive ]

Put another way: Sometimes a token will expire or account details will change, rendering either a token or a service account invalid.

Do both always need to be valid for an rclone command on that remote to be run?

If both do not need to be valid, does one of them generally/always take priority?

Thanks, as ever.

One will take priority. Which backend are you looking at? I'll look at the code and tell you which takes priority!

Oops. I knew I forgot one salient detail :joy:

google drive

Thank you

The service account will be used if you set both SA & token :slight_smile:

Perfect, thank you.

So if I have an active service account and the client id/secret/token expires then all rclone commands should continue to function without issue, yes?

Yes. The client id/secret/token is ignored.

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