Prioritizing some folders during the transfer

Is it possible using rclone to transfer folders in certain priority?
Like if remote 1 have 3 folders F1 F2 F3 and I want to copy them to remote 2 but want rclone to start with F2 until finished then start F3 then F1

Easiest way is to run 3 separate copy commands.

Ah I see so no built-in option to do that?
Maybe in the future?

Using 3 commands does exactly what you ask perfectly already.

You can bash it, like:

rclone copy remote:f1 local:f1
rclone copy remote:f2 local:f2
rclone copy remote:f3 local:f3

Each copy (or any other command, like sync or mirror) will start after the previous finishes.

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