Print files that need update/copy

Following my previous post, I decided to copy my files into a local crypt before uploading to S3. This way I can make sure that data is verified during upload.

In a few months I'd like to repeat, but I'd like to only upload the delta, something like this

  1. Compare my files and S3 remote and compute the delta
  2. Copy the delta files into a local crypt
  3. Upload the local crypt to S3.

There are two issues:

  • How do I achieve #1? I'm aware of --dry-run, ls*, but they won't help here
  • How do I deal with deleted files?

The closest solution was this comment in 2019, but I wonder if there is any built-in/better solutions.

It sounds like this will solve your problems, unless I've mis-understood something?

  1. use rclone sync from "my files" to "local crypt"
  2. use rclone sync from "local crypt" to S3

Thanks for your reply!

Obviously I didn't mention the most important part.

My files are large, so I would like to cleanup the local crypt after the sync. I'd treat the locla crypt as a temporary buffer. After a few months when I want to sync again, I'd like to avoid copying all the files to local crypt.

This procedure will work for you.

There isn't a built in way of doing this though.

Got it. Thanks!

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