Present rclone mount from local storage to remote client

So like many the Unlimited cloud storage Castle has crumbled or is crumbling. I'm looking at the best way to reverse the norm and present local storage as a rclone mount to a remote server. With the caveat of it NOT being object storage as from my understanding I would have to basically duplicate my files to convert them to object storage. The remote will be for media streaming so performance/speed is important, local current servers available are anything from UnRaid, TrueNAS Scale or ProxMox host. Remote client is running Ubuntu server. A simple Wireguard split tunnel and nfs cache mount works ok but not at scale (family uses the remote client for streaming) with multiple users on it. Experimenting with WG full tunnel connection today as well to see if that helps things. I've looked at things like Seaweedfs in the past but gave up do you complexity or time restraints.

Thanks for all that take the time to test and comment. Have a great weekend.

on the server - rclone serve webdav /path/to/local/
on the client - rclone mount

if must use object storage, maybe run a minio S3 server.

tho there are many ways to do what you want.....

these days, i use tailscale as it runs on most any device and uses WG

IMHO today the best way to achieve what you are talking about is to use the proven tech. TrueNAS yes - if you know what you are doing. It is superior to Synology solution but there are many caveats. You like tinkering and understand limitations go for it. If not go for Synology - it is solid solution too. Much easier to manage for smaller scale setup.

Do not run TrueNAS as Proxmos VM - I know many people do it - but it is fundamentally wrong. Proxmos is fantastic VM solution. Not silver bullet to run storage solutions on top of it.

Wireguard is the best for VPN.

If you need object storage Minio (as @asdffdsa said) is something to try.

But maybe before diving into all of this define what you want. What is the real purpose of all setup. There is plenty of tech today out there. But sometimes it does not make sense to use all of it.

Thanks for the reply, object storage is out for from what I've experienced with Minio, it doesn't support existing files (workaround using a release from June 2022). So turning my media into objects variants isn't ideal to double my storage.

Maybe I was unclear. I have all those servers running currently (they all have their Pro's and Cons), my goal is to present a rclone mountable solution to a remote server for the purpose of streaming.

still not clear why you need object storage for streaming but there is
testing without Amazon by using the local filesystem

what is lacking with rclone serve webdav?

Then maybe all is more you try to bite than you can chew... Try do define your requirement and use whatever you can comfortable work with.

I said for it to NOT be object storage is in preferred due to having to to turn current files into objects.

I'll give webDAV a go this evening and see how the performance is, any flags or things I should add when mounting. Thank you.

Edit: webdev to webDAV

ok, understood.

and to be clear, rclone serve does not mount. to mount, use rclone mount

if you are running rclone serve webdav on the same server as the files are located,
i would start very simple, establish a baseline.
rclone serve webdav /path/to/files -vv

and depending on how you setup your vpn, might need to set --addr

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