Pre-built cgo-enabled binary for linux/amd64

I've posted a same topic before:

However, the provided version is a little bit outdated (v1.52.2-DEV).

Moreover, I've noticed that the cgo-enabled binary is provided here: "{version}/testbuilds/"
However, not all version are provided.

For instance, there're rclone-linux-amd64.gz for v1.52.0, v1.52.1, v1.52.2, but no rclone-linux-amd64.gz for v1.53.0.
And is missing, too.

Is the publication of beta versions added to the Github Actions/CI pipelines?
Is possible to enable cgo on linux/arm64 arch?

The actual issue i.e. failure of getcwd() may have been fixed by this:

Have you checked any of the latest releases to see if that is so?

Oh, thank you. I didn't notice that patch.

The patch LGTM.

Do you still need the cgo binary? We actually build it already and use it for testing, but it never gets uploaded...

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