PowerShell ISE not responsive to interactive prompts

I have noticed that when attempting to run any interactive command like rclone config or any with the -i flag, PowerShell ISE does not work and allow the responses to be sent back. Is this expected?

hi, have you searched the forum?


yes, read that. that topic is called "Copy & synchronize remote directory structure to local destination" and does not provide a solution as to why PowerShell ISE when opened, does not work with rclone. Here is a recording of what is happening.

i did a quick internet search, looks like ISE cannot handle interactive scripts.

Can you site any references as this this seems to be contradictory to what documentation says about ISE.

  • so every other interactive command works, for example?
  • rclone is the only interactive command that does not work?

I do not use any other interactive commands. I'm just asking about rclone

it is a known issue with ISE, nothing to do with rclone.

imho, the confusion is the definition of interactive commands.
that means you can type commands on the command line/window, same as cmd.exe
that does not mean you can run commands that require user interaction.

for example,

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> diskpart
Cannot start "diskpart". Interactive console applications are not supported. 
To run the application, use the Start-Process cmdlet or use "Start PowerShell.exe" from the File menu.
To view/modify the list of blocked console applications, use $psUnsupportedConsoleApplications, or consult online help.
At line:0 char:0

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