Possible to use b2-versions with crypt?

I’m backing up to backblaze through crypt. My conf looks like:

type = crypt
remote = backblaze:omitted
filename_encryption = standard

I’d like to be able to do rclone ls --b2-versions encrypted:, but the versions info is not passed through to the crypt remote. I can see the versions with rclone ls backblaze:omitted, but because the filenames are encrypted it is nearly impossible to find the file I’m looking for.

Any chance versions could work with crypt?

Hmm, with some experimentation, it appears that rclone ls --b2-versions encrypted: does show previous versions if you have filename_encryption = off, but doesn’t if you have filename_encryption = standard

Is this a bug? Or is there a reason why it can’t show previous versions with encrypted filenames?

The way the --b2-versions flag works is it gets a list of versions from b2 and then adds suffixes to the names to show that they are old versions.

However file names are either all encrypted or unencrypted so adding a suffix to an encrypted file name isn't going to work.

This will help, but it is't a proper solution.

@ncw thanks for the reply. Makes sense; I’m just hoping to have it all – historical versions and encrypted names.
I’ll live with unencrypted filenames for now.

Thanks for rclone – it is very useful and well done.

I’ll just note that the latest beta of rclone supporte --backup-dir which you could use to implement a scheme like the b2 backups quite easily and it would work with crypt. See https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/98 if you are interested.

Scratch that - b2 doesn’t support server side move or copy so rclone can’t use --backup-dir there.

With --b2-versions flag will not show the other versions of the file but, they are available from the b2 control panel.

The next question is since you can use --crypt-show-mapping and find the file you want, can you download the file to your desktop from the control panel and some how use rclone to decrypt it? If that is possible then you should be set. I just don’t know how to do the decrypt part.