Possible to have rclone exit after current transfers complete?

I currently have rclone copying a directory from gDrive to B2. I want to stop the transfer so I can adjust parameters, however rclone is not able to continue where it left off if I stop it mid-transfer(partially uploaded files will be lost and rclone has to start again). Is it possible to send a signal to rclone to complete the current active transfers, then exit?

Short answer, not at the moment

Longer answer:

There have been various discussions about this in past issues.

One idea was that the user should send CTRL-C and if rclone would say

Transferring X files - quiting when transfer complete
Press CTRL-C again to exit immedately

This could also very easily be implemented in the remote control.

It could also be implemented by another signal (not quite sure which one as rclone uses rather a lot of them already).

Any of those ideas sound useful?

I think the CTRL-C option would be the best, would be easy to capture the signal, and easier for users to understand. I don’t know if the average user would know how to send other signals to a running process (I know how too in linux, but not Windows!) .

Adding it to remote control would be nice, I think the first step would be adding signal logic to the server. The remote control option is more of an advanced option so sending a signal to the running process shouldn’t be an issue for users. You could utilize the core/pid command to get the PID of the running processes, then send a signal to it to stop immediately or gracefully and let transfers complete. Could even script it that way, say if you want rclone to only run during the night so a cron job in the morning kills it and a cron job in the evening starts it.

I was thinking of implementing it, just need the time to work on a pull request :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you fancy making a new issue on github about this? That would be the first step then we can discuss PRs and things!

Hi, was this feature ever added or worked on? Would be useful for me currently as I am uploading lots of data with 10 current transfers, all at various percent complete. Would be nice to be able to stop once they finish and not start any more rather than losing out on those files which haven’t been fully uploaded.

I don’t think a new issue got made. There is an existing one here: https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/1522