Possible to disable Multi-threaded copies by default?

Is it possible to return rclone to pre v1.48 behaviour and use single-threaded copies by default (perhaps with an environment variable)?

When using this on Ubuntu 18.04 on either local or SFTP I see after some time that copies simply grind to a halt and stop transferring.

The simplest way is to set
--multi-thread-streams 0

Non-backend flags can unfortunately not be set in the config (yet). NCW is aware of this and intends to improve it in future. Meanwhile you will have to set it in whatever launch script you use. I'm not aware of any other ways to set it (but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist). Usually environment variables will be listed in the docs under the spesific flag, and it is not for this one.

This sounds like a bug that deserves investigating. First can you try the latest beta and if that fails can you please make a new issue on github?

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