Possible to add round robin API usage between multiple account

Since google drive api limit is 10,000/project but 1000 per user, would it be possible to add round robin API usage? Say, give 10 accounts to one google drive remote(teamdrive), and it would round robin the API usage so you get esentially 10x the current limit?

If you ask, they may lift your 1000/user to 10,000. They did it for me in multiple accounts.

I told them to truth. That id only have one user using that API and need to transactions increased to the project level.

How long ago did you request this? I get rejected.

My main account a couple years ago. Another account I needed for a different purpose was 8 months ago? I think.

I think it really just depends on who you get on the other side of the approval.

I’m curious, I just got my API limit approved… do you use rclone with a media box like sonarr/radarr/plex? Are you able to do a normal rclone mount (without vfs or cache or anything) and not get banned like you would with the 1000/100second rate limit?

You don’t get banned for the API usage. You get rate limited after you exceed till you don’t exceed anymore. I don’t see any rate limiting except when I hit other limits that aren’t necessarily documented.

Do you use a regular rclone mount without VFS/Cache?

I use a mount point but I don’t use plex. I use kodi connecting to a webdav. The mount is for other stuff. I don’t stream from it but I still don’t see rate limiting on my webdav either.

HI, can share your form what actually to key in/input to get API limit approved?

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