Plex with cache - writing to non-cache mount


So i'v been trying to get this sorted correctly but im a bit unsure how to go about it.

I dont use sonarr etc., just download the files and manually move them to the correct folder. Therefore I have made two mounts (and im unsure if thats the best way to do it?)

One is a direct mount with mount with no cache that i write files to by dragging them in windows explorer - pretty simple. This works okay i think.. but unsure if its the right way to do it?

The other one is my cache mount, that I want plex to read from .. this is where most of my questions come up..

  1. cache vs vfs ? - I seem to have the impression that its a bit so-so which version I use of these.. as long as the settings are set correctly. I would like to use my nvme to cache whatever data/info/meta is needed to get the best performance for listing/scanning content. But this is where im unsure if my direct mount makes more issues than good? - should I just write through the cache/vfs mount to have plex pickup the changes insted?

  2. should I every time I restart the server (windows patch etc.) do a index/db update somehow?

Im sorry if these questions are basic but im failing my google-fu with a decent setup/explanation guide that covers my questions..

My general approach is as simple as possible when I do things so I just use one mount.

You really don't need to use cache and you can use the regular items. If you are moving by hand, I believe just copying over should be fine as not create an issue but I'm not 100% sure on Windows.

So you would ditch the cache part and run with vfs enabled as i understand you? - with mode writes to be able to write the mount directly..?

On Windows, you really want to wait for this fix probably:

As the mounts get a little wonky on Windows. Once that goes in, you would be ok I would think.

Okay so going about that by using copy to put files up would be okay i guess

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