Plex_token changed, how to update this in rclone cache

Hi, i use rclone version

my plex token change, but i can not update it in rclone cache.

it shows the old token.

if i streaming from gdrive with crypt i have these:

Bad Status

but it is still running.

how i can change/update my plex_token in rclone?


hello and welcome to the forum,

when you posted, you were asked for information, is there a reason you did not supply it?

sorry. though this is not a specifc problem.

The mounts work for me, drive, cache and crypt. The connection is also good. only at streaming i have this every three seconds

plex: websocket.Dial ws://--redacted---:32400/:/websockets/notifications?X-Plex-Token=---redacted---: Bad Status

i read that when this happend, i could change my plex_token. but i dont know how ...

You are using the old cache backend, you'd want to get rid of that as it's being deprecated and use the new vfs cache mode full.

The reason the template exists as it gets all that information up front instead of having additional messages on your setup as it doesn't become a guessing game.

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