Plex scan - vfs - bandwidth..?

I have been doing some maintenance stuff to my plex setup.. one drive mount (windows) for each folder - like UHD, TV, Music Performances, etc .. Now im re-scanning my library and i just noticed that my plex vm is using almost all my available internet bandwidth..

So I was wondering if its supposed to be like this? - Im guessing I will hit my bandwidth quota for quite some days if I need to download all content before its scanned by plex..

Or, what am I missing?

My mount command looks like this - based on @Animosity022's setup and a bit modified for logs etc..:

rclone mount direct:\TV X: --volname "TV" --log-level INFO --log-file C:\rclone\logs\TV.log --dir-cache-time 5000h --poll-interval 10s --user-agent "1234" --cache-dir=E:\vfs-cache --drive-pacer-min-sleep 10ms --drive-pacer-burst 1000 --vfs-cache-mode full --vfs-cache-max-size 25G --vfs-cache-max-age 5000h --vfs-cache-poll-interval 5m --vfs-read-ahead 2G --bwlimit-file 40M --rc --rc-addr=localhost:5580


plex has to re-scan the files, and it depends on what you have plex scan, for example,

  • thumbnails
  • Perform extensive media analysis during maintenance will have plex download every the full contents of every file

No thumbnails nor extensive media analysis during maintenance.. Thats why im wondering how much it actually needs to download..

in that case, for each file, a small amount of data.

the answer to that question would be in the rclone log file.

You said re-scan, but it sounds more like a first-time Plex scan. What is your reason for each library using its own drive mount?

If you just re-organized your content and ran a scan after that, Plex should still have all the metadata and media analysis. Therefore, a scan should be quick, depending on the amount of, files, of course.

In my head it would just be a “re map” and content is the same (and no trashcan emptying) between the drive changes..

Things are popping up as being new it seems

Theres a bit.. like 100tb combined i guess

Gotcha. Are you using the new scanner/agent? I recently started using it with new libraries, and I also switched to it for a couple of old libraries and did a metadata refresh. It is so much faster than the legacy combo.

hmm.. which new scanner is that? - i'v got more or less all of them ticked off under agents

Scanner is different from agents.

Plex updated both the movie and tv scanners.


Thanks, i’v updated my libraries to the new scanners. Will try and see

Just so you know, changing existing libraries to the new scanner will use those going forward. If you want everything in those libraries that's already been scanned in with the legacy scanner to be upgraded as well, you'll have to run a metadata refresh on the entire library. Thankfully, doing this is so much faster now.

Thanks. I think it eased up on some of the issues I saw..

How do you guys have your Library settings in regards to new content being uploaded?

Automatic scan and then partial scan?

No automatic scan for me. My mount is read-only, and I only make changes to it once a day after uploading. Partial scan wouldn't work anyway.

Okay. Thanks.

Yeah my understanding is that it scans the entire folder anyway, not just the newly added content.

That would be incorrect as it only scans content that's not analyzed before.

Oh yeah sorry, that makes sense after looking at the logs before. Not sure why I didnt notice that from the beginning.

So yeah, okay, it checks the folder for new content/unscanned content and if there any it scans and analyzes that. gotcha

Just to clarify, an automatic partial Plex scan on an Rclone-mounted drive will still run on every single file and folder. A true partial scan only works with locally attached drives, at least on Windows. Is that not your experience?

EDIT: I don't mean that Plex scans in every single file as new, but it will go through everything nonetheless. This is why proper folder organization is crucial with Windows, once your library is large enough.

Yeah, I get the point - the scanner runs over the files and sees if it knows them, if it does, it doesnt do anything. If it doesnt, then it will do a proper scan.

Which i guess is why its good to have done a vfs refresh for faster processing..? - again, thats how I understood it, but I might be wrong

Yes, absolutely.

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